Life has few is progress, be it forward or backward progress is inevitable!       Where that progress is will determine your destination! What you really need is focus...


The simple truth to reaching your goals!        I knew it all along even as a child, yet...   it's not actually focus  that makes it work!

  Well...are you where you want to be in life,    love, work, family situation, self improvement,      are you happy and healthy?

 Think you could do better? 

 You can, anyone can! I did.

Dear Friend,

Remember the days of old when you were bringing home the school reports for your parents, with that slightly sinking feeling of hoping they were "good" enough? 

Remember the days of old where you started your first job, noticing the boss was often like a "hawk"...they spotted everything, seemingly having eyes in the back of their heads?

Remember that jealous partner you had who wanted to know where you were and who with at what time, wearing what, doing what...?

They were important yet often misunderstood positives that you had to have for your successes! They made the world of difference and I am not talking about being spied on in case that crosses your mind! 

I know from looking back it made a massive and I mean massive difference to me and my life, virtually ensured success! Success for me that is, it's different to your success, yet you could appreciate mine for it is a unique achievement. Failure never entered into it, yet failure would have been devastating in it's own way.

Failure never emerges unless you let it! 

Let me briefly tell you how it applied to me..

Although deaf at birth this was the key to my success at being as "normal" as can be in the conversational side of life. Talking as normal and never having used sign language...not perfect but enough for my deafness to be missed.

You see, I had a mentor who come to see me every week at school and we had an hour to ourselves in a office or similar. He took a look at my hearing aid etc, gave me new batteries and a book! 

A key to me learning to talk well was to read alot and read out aloud to myself and I did do just that, while with him and while at home alone in bed reading. Reading gave me a focus to improve my speech yet it was still not the focus that mattered as much as...

Less about me and more on the key to it. It really is simple yet powerful and I want you to benefit from it.

That simple key is down to one word! 

Thank you Mr Connor, wherever you are for being my mentor and showing me the true value of that word, while letting me realise it in my own time and way, being too important and simple yet powerful to convey just by the word itself.

So if you have struggled to make progress in whatever area of your life this could and should make the difference depending on your reaction once you realise what it is and try it...but try it and you are going to succeed by making 100% positive progress, no matter what the area of life you want the progress.

There are 3 very good reasons that drove me to start this! :

Reason 1 - It's likely you already unknowingly integrate this in your life.
Reason 2 - You already doing it is most likely NOT to benefit you best though!.
Reason 3 - No one else is doing this for you and I want YOU succeeding!

I very much doubt you will be doing this the way it's mentioned here!

Yet it can't fail unless we let it!

If you're serious about your progress no matter what with, you can improve any aspect of your life once you understand the reason why this is going to work for you, why this word can change things so well.

Do you want to know what's needed from you in order to make it work for you?

YOU need to make a commitment to being honest with yourself and making it the value it can achieve. Make it improve your progress at your pace, then improve your pace so improving your progress! Reach your chosen success with certainty. 

If you don't really want progress...skip it! The word won't even matter!            The progress wont matter because you wont want to improve where it matters!

You need to want to be achieving more than you are regarding whatever it is you want to improve, yet be brave enough to do so. People who will positively act on their chosen area of improvement... I want YOU!

But you know what...I am limiting this for good at THIS price to a certain number and also don't want just anybody to take this opportunity, and it's not some mentoring program or ebook, course, newsletter or any thing like that at

Limiting it for three good reasons.

  • I want maximum results for everyone, it works.
  • I want it to be for the long haul....with a twist!
  • I want to maximise it's magic on me as well as you.

And you know what else...

I want it to be for anyone, meaning, are you a mom/mum wanting to improve her weekly routine, wanting to improve your hobby, or a student at university wanting to improve his coursework on his physics degree, a self employed person wanting to improve business in some aspect, a dad wanting to get fit, just someone wanting to improve themselves will work for you, because you chose it to improve and did it!

Whatever it can work as long as you work at it...after all it's YOUR life aspect you are improving so it's in your interest to make it work...yet me limiting it will also make it better for everyone.

The simple twist to maximising it is to limit it for a number of people for a period of time, meaning NO ONE else can join until ready, others will want to be in on the success of achieving goals they see YOU choosing AND reaching!

For you all have the one underlying aspect that is this word I have mentioned with evasiveness! An oxymoron if I ever saw one! ;o)

It's interactive, in the very act of the word that will make you reach your goals!

Accountability is the word!

Yes, but before you underestimate what I share, think about it from the point of what you really want to see positive progress on. Who are you really accountable to in those situations and who keeps tabs on that, keeps you in check? 

Most of the time it's you against you!

Here is your chance to stop that or at least make it a wiser check on your real progress.

This is not some book or's better than that. This is far better, should you fail it means YOU have failed yourself, for failure is NOT doing it!

This is more, a private forum NOT open to general public at all...ever. A private forum with a real difference, a unique aspect. limiting it to serious progress seekers and eliminating freebie joiners by saying "make a commitment by also paying to join, so helping me cover cost of running it", I know you are serious, as serious as I am but no fear it will be very low cost high value locked price!

Why so affordable?

Because I am not doing this to solely make money from you

I am simply doing this step to ensure the cost is covered, and limiting it to serious people only, also meaning it will last for as long as we use it! If you make that progress you choose you will keep using it...improve other areas of life, also improving the forum itself too...a nice cycle to have!

I am doing it because the forum itself will also improve what I choose to improve. I reach my goals too. If it's private the traffic is pretty irrelevant, is monetising aspect is pretty  much the same...what matters is collective progress and self sustaining growth, a real progress achieving community.'s a bargain...

But wait, there are certain...shall we say stipulations to joining other than abiding the basic rules as shown inside, these are, you MUST make at least ONE post, I want no 100% lurkers...I want you taking action at least by posting even if not often because it's the whole bloody point of forums! ;o)

No all! The rules are as fair yet respectably non too controlling or censored. Having respect is all I ask!

Will this really benefit you? 

Yes...if you use it as intended and commit yourself, they are YOUR goals, aims, whatever you are wanting to have progress with. The way it works will keep you on course to reach your goals and you should have chosen a goal you want to achieve, they can be as small and simple as you like, from getting more organised to making a million bucks because whatever you choose, it's your goal and you take the steps to get there. 

The more realistic they are the faster you reach them, then set another.

How does this work?

With accuracy... ;o)

Ok how much is it and what's the catch?

$15 a year! (7.50!) 

No catch... other than no refund and the disclaimer that it will not work without your input...None other than you knows what you really want progress on! 

 Grab your limited slot Only
$15 a year! Now.

Quick and simple payment using paypal!


P.S. Seriously, for you achieving steps towards your goals no matter what they are this is not something to pass up on, especially for the cost of a couple of beers at most! How can you pass on that?

P.P.S. If the truth is you know you need to achieve more you owe it to yourself to do it to the best you can, and it will be fun. :o)

Questions? Email me (replace AT with @)